About Clear Cloud One

In 2008, we started our internal audit and controls outsourcing business called Granite Consulting Group. Our vision was to provide knowledgeable internal audit and compliance services at a very competitive price.We opened an office, hired top talent, and signed up clients within the first few weeks. It was clear that there was a huge demand for our services. As we performed our services, we were constantly asked how we could help make inventory, project management and accounting more efficient and less burdensome. 

After what must have seemed like the 100th request from a client for a solution, we decided to do something to fill the need for a practical, growth friendly and efficient software platform. We looked at various software platforms and picked the Salesforce platform to partner with. It was (and still is) the best of the best and had everything our customers wanted from enterprise-grade security to the ability to customize, etc.  Since then our group of CPAs and process experts has become the "go to" partner for businesses looking to take their sales, accounting, inventory and compliance onto the Salesforce platform.   


Michael Bechara


Joe Schonman


Steve Shamlian


Dan Domonkos