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Compliance Central From CCO

Document internal controls and track deficiencies and get compliant today! Receive access to one version of the truth. Compliance Central is great for SOX, CAS, FAR, internal audit, corporate compliance depts, etc.

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Follows COSO model of internal control

 Locations, Processes, Control Objectives and Control Activities are the heart of our application.

 Supports the 2013 COSO mapping for entity-level controls.

Get Rid of Spreadsheets!

 Interactive dashboards and full suite of reports.

Print a Risk Control Matrix at the click of a button, aggregate deficiencies with ease and attach narratives, flowcharts, policies & procedures, etc.

Made by internal control people for internal control people!

 Deficiencies, findings, gaps, or any other terms your organization uses, can be identified, tracked and collaborated upon to ensure timely resolution

Compliance Functionality 

Access real time data, collaboration and reporting & monitoring of controls.

 Document all controls from 2013 COSO. Transaction level, IT General Computer Contro and all other controls are supported

Easy Implementation!

Compliance Central can be implemented in days...not weeks.

Define your Locations, set up your Processes and load your control objectives and activities.we can customize custom fields, approval processes, workflows and custom reporting to match your specific process!


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