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Full-service Salesforce implementations including data migration.

Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack is a powerful CRM out of the box, but normally requires significant configuration and customization to support a nonprofit’s day-to-day operations. Customizing the platform to accommodate work processes specific to an organization is key to getting all staff working within the system and improving internal effectiveness.

North Peak is uniquely positioned to help you configure Salesforce to meet your needs. Our staff has been in your shoes and has extensive knowledge of the joys and challenges of working for nonprofits. Our first-hand operational experience combined with our Salesforce expertise makes us an optimal partner for implementing Salesforce CRM.


Salesforce® Integrations & Development

Salesforce Integrations, Development & App Setup

Right now, how do you get information from your online donation form into your donor database? For many nonprofits, this is either a manual entry process or a series of spreadsheets which need to be frequently imported, which costs valuable staff time and resources.

Integrating third-party solutions – donation forms, broadcast email solutions, and event registration forms, just to name a few – will increase efficiency, lead to better data integrity, and allow you to put more focus where it’s needed most: your programs and mission. Through a thorough needs assessment and budget analysis, North Peak will help you determine and identify your highest priority needs for any third party applications and integrations.


Salesforce® Success & Rehab

Success consulting and rehabilitating existing implementations.

While Salesforce Foundation’s 10 donated licenses of its Enterprise Edition to nonprofits can be a generous starting point, it’s only valuable when the platform can be made to work effectively for an organization. Many nonprofits are excited at the prospect of implementing such a robust CRM solution for free, but then struggle with the complexity and administration of the system, and lack the time, resources, and expertise to manage it effectively.

North Peak can help get your CRM back on track, and your staff on the road to becoming power users through our comprehensive needs assessment, rehabilitation process, and customized training programs.


Salesforce® Training & Support

Best-practices training, support, and knowledge transfer.

Developing a customized training plan takes careful consideration of the day-to-day processes within your nonprofit, how your staff will use the system, and which employees need to learn various components of the system. North Peak’s training and support solutions will empower your employees to work within Salesforce effectively and efficiently.