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Streamline Remote Work By Transitioning Your Entire Business To One Platform

We get it, 2020 has been hell for your business.

COVID has forced you to work remotely and downsize your team. Working from home and with fewer people is a nightmare, especially when you are running your business across multiple platforms.

It's time to streamline your business systems by bringing everything into one place. Accounting, Sales, Marketing - all managed on one platform, Salesforce, and we're here to make it a seamless transition.

Why Us?

We are a team of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Salesforce Certified Professionals specializing in implementation, configuration & customization of Salesforce Accounting.


There are lots of teams that can help in a transition to Salesforce, but as CPAs, we have the know-how to not only to transition your entire business to Salesforce, but to add your business accounting into the mix and set you up for success in this new economy.

Why Salesforce?

Saleforce is the #1 CRM platform, the best way to integrate every part of your company - including marketing, sales, service, and more - onto one platform. We also have the unique ability to integrate your business accounting using the highest rated accounting solution on Salesforce, with the most secure, reliable API in the industry.

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Tell us about your business and we will tell you if streamlining your systems is right for you. If Salesforce is a good fit, we will perform a full gap analysis of areas to work on and provide a roadmap to success.

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