It's hard to imagine anything more complicated than doing business with the Federal Government.  The sheer amount of compliance and controls can be overwhelming.  From FAR to CAS to SOX it can be difficult to keep it all straight and have the confidence necessary to withstand a government audit and secure your future. Our former DCAA folks have implemented a full spectrum internal controls solution to address typical challenges faced by government contractors.  


Internal control challenges are one of the top challenges faced by government contractors, second to only indirect rates


Make the ethical choice to insulate your organization from making a mistake that would jeopardize funding.

Make the ethical choice to insulate your company from making a mistake that would stop you from billing the government

Focus your efforts on the internal controls that need the most attention

Software companies are in the business of selling tools; we are in the business of driving successful outcomes for community bank administrators and auditors

Drive the desired outcome of passing audits, investigations, inquiries and staying focused on business

Our expert (former Big 4,) professionals can be deployed instantly to start documenting, testing and fixing internal controls

Safely rely on our library of standard internal controls to get you going

Empower yourself and your company, our software solutions can be totally customized and configured to your process…no software straight jackets!

Our nimble internal controls solution is comprehensive; the right mix of software and services tailored for government contractors

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