A Easy-to-Setup Software Solution to Internal Controls, for Defense Contractors

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We received several accolades during a recent internal audit... due in large part to the work of Compliance Central

- Lemar Graham Jr 
Director of Finance, ATAC 


Mike Bechara, founder and CEO of Compliance Central, on government contractors and internal controls

Our Controls Manager product - coupled with Compliance Central's expertise in internal controls - works for defense-sector contractors like Textron-ATAC.

Controls Manager lets you become DCAA/SOX/COSO audit-proof by streamlining and standardizing your internal controls processes around on the app, which is built on Salesforce, a secure, compliant FedRAMP-certified platform.  Many of our customers (Excelis/Harris, Textron, Vectrus) pass audits every single year, thanks to our internal controls expertise and the precision of our Controls Manager implementations. 


Our goal with every customer is to mirror your business structure and processes in the form of internal controls, to as small or large a degree as you're comfortable with.

What you'll learn:​

  • You'll see how our product is built on top of the number one cloud platform in the world (Salesforce) and learn what that means for both compliance, security and ease of use

  • You'll see why our product will make managing controls-focused Excel spreadsheets (or messy share drives) a thing of the past

  • You'll understand why our product can provide compliance processes, controls, and objectives that precisely mirror your business structure - and give executives deeper operational insight

  • You'll gain an understanding of our experience helping defense-sector organizations like yours create sustainable, adaptable internal controls


We'll have to move quickly, but we can get all of this done in a 15 to 20 minute demo with time for follow-up questions.